Did Jay-Z Have His Mistress Cathy White Killed?


 Did you know that 28 year old Cathy White was Jay Z’s mistress?

According to a NYPD detective Cathy White did not die from a brain aneurysm. Her death without question should be considered suspicious.

Cathy White died EXACTLY one year to the day that the story of her and Jay Z’s affair was broken.

Here’s what the NYPD SAID:

“A 911 call came in from an apartment on 130 West 19 street in Manhattan. Ambulance came and took Cathy because she was sick. They took her to the Beth Israel hospital and that’s where she expired.

It’s was to early to be speculating that an aneurism killed her. They will be doing an autopsy later today to check out her cause of death. But someone might have given Cathy a bad drug so they’ll do a toxicology and we’ll have to wait two weeks for that report.”

Additional Information:

Just a couple weeks before her death Cathy was contacted by a major tabloid investigating her relationship with Jay Z. She didn’t provide them with much information to go on. According to sources after her conversation with the tabloid, Cathy called Jay and told him that she was going public about heir affair. This happened two weeks before her mysterious death.

Now consider that only 48 hours after the announcement that Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, Cathy White died.

Cathy could have been trying to extort Jay Z? I don’t know, but if Jay Z had a conversation with Cathy the cops should be talking to him. Because Cathy’s death should be investigated.


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